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My Dear Sisters of Gold River Calvary Chapel:
I want to invite you to join us for women’ bible fellowship this Spring semester.  I am so excited that we get to study the Book of Philippians together!  Philippians is known as the “joy” epistle, because Paul so often expresses his joy in this book.  How necessary is the beautiful fruit of the Spirit called joy in our lives!  Yet, many of us struggle with experiencing joy.  We might wonder how Paul could rejoice when he was under house arrest and chained to Roman soldiers when he wrote this letter.  What caused this joy to constantly well up in Paul regardless of his circumstances?  His answer was not a “what” but a “Who.”    “For me,” Paul told the Philippians, “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  His joy came from living out his life wholeheartedly for Jesus.  What does that look like in my life or yours?  We will explore that wonderful truth in our study this semester aptly titled, To Live is CHRIST”.  May the Holy Spirit open our hearts and minds and grow us closer as sisters in Christ as we study this glorious letter word for word together!
In Him,
Anne Eowan

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