We give thanks to the God and Father our Lord Jesus Christ,
praying always for you

Colossians 1:3


Recent Prayer Requests

  • Victory in the battle!
    Please pray for me strength from the Lord to hold fast to my victory in Jesus with relationship to my unsaved Mom! Thank you!
  • Covid
    My best friend Lisa has been dealing with Covid for a little over a week. Her fever comes and goes but her symptoms are pretty consistent. She has had video visits with her Doctor and has received antibiotics for a UTI and cough medication to help control her coughing. She is now having a hard time taking in deep breaths and is monitoring her oxygen. She was advised if it drops below 94 to come to the hospital. She is scared, her oxygen is at 93 and she is afraid of going to the hospital. Please pray for her healing and our Heavenly Fathers peace.
  • Coworkers Family
    Urgent prayer requests for Ryans coworker, Nick, Nick’s wife, and their two adopted teenage daughter. One daughter has attempted suicide multiple times. I don’t know all the details but things have gotten worse with the youngest daughter and they need prayers.
  • Prayers
    Prayers please for all the people affected by this pandemic.