We give thanks to the God and Father our Lord Jesus Christ,
praying always for you

Colossians 1:3


Recent Prayer Requests


  • February 1, 2023 Please pray for the doctors to find out where he is hemorrhaging from.
    When my daughter took him to the ER yesterday his hemoglobin level was under 5 g/dL normal is 13.5 to 18.0 g/dL in males. His level was very close to the level people die from.
  • January 31, 2023 My sister doctor told my brother-in-law, Larry that the heart failure she had has a 80% death rate. When Larry said prayer was why she survived, the doctor said yes it was a miracle.
    Please pray for my sisters grandson who had the motorcycle accident last November. His leg was saved but he is in a lot of pain. Part of his foot my need amputating. My niece his mother and her husband are not saved.
    Please pray for our grandson Jeff. My daughter took him to the ER yesterday. He gave him 3 pints of blood and he is the hall way waiting for a room.
    I'm still in pain and I'm now having light headed problem. Valentine's day I have an appointment with a cardiologist .
  • Pray for my daughter and son in law to conceive before their ivf appointment. Pray I don’t have cancer.
  • Please pray for my auntie for peaceful passing.
  • A tough holiday season for us-Please pray for my sweet wife-healing of headaches/depression and my daughter whose husband left after his drinking problem was discovered. My wife has a disability and injuries from a fall-she is very weary and sad. We are believers and pray God’s grace for all prayer warriors.
  • i am saved,no need to contact me just pray.I suffer with worry and anxiety and paranoia,i get really paranoid in many ways and i have real bad social anxiety and paranoia around people and crowds and i worry alot,please pray the fear will stop and i will be free from it and at peace and fearless and pray God will comfort my fears.ALSO i am on very low income and i am barley getting by,please pray God will provide.ALSO pray i will be overwhelmed with Gods presence and love everyday and my soul filled with his peace and joy.thankyou
  • That tornados would not hit my sister-in-law's town in Arkansas. Heavy thunderstorms are predicted for the next several days.
  • Pray that God would deliver me from any bad news. Pray that God would protect my health and well-being. Pray that God would protect my father’s house and property from evil people who wish me ill. Thanks! Wayne
  • I have a new prayer request . My sister's 18 year old grandson Raphael has had a motorcycle accident. He has had one surgery on his leg, and will have another in a couple of days. The doctors do not know if they will be able to save his leg. My niece's name is Tracy. Pray also for salvation for my niece's family.
  • Update on my sister
    I saw my sister on Friday. She was transferred to Kaiser Morse Ave. She looked so much better. She is having surgery today getting a pacemaker.
    She talked about how her husband changed his weekly meeting with his friend to Wednesday, so he was home when she had her heart attack. He was able to perform CPR and call 911.
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