A Letter From Pastor George

Dear GRCC Family,

Jesus Christ is the great Shepherd and we all need Him to be that. He willing came here to bring us into His fold…He sacrificed Himself to the point of death so that we could be saved.

And this week as we continue in our study in Ephesians, Paul tells us to “remember.” He tells us to remember that there was a time when we had no hope and we were without God in the world…that we were far off. But now, In Christ we have been brought nearby His blood.

Paul tells us that Jesus came and preached peace to each of us and that now if we are believers…if we are “in Christ,” we are no longer strangers and aliens, but that we are fellow citizens and members of God’s household.

We are all so blessed to have this amazing letter to the Ephesians. And we are looking forward to sharing God’s word with all of you and worshipping Jesus together.

Prayer with your brothers and sisters is at 9:30. And then our main service begins at 10.

Blessings and love to you all in the name of Jesus,

Pastor George