A Letter From George

April 16, 2021

Dear GRCC Family,

Last week we left Jacob and his family at the border of Canaan. He was aching to see his son Joseph whom he thought was dead for the last 22 years. But things have changed in amazing ways.

Joseph’s brothers have come to their father, Jacob and told him the truth…that Joseph is alive! This was an overwhelming moment in Jacob’s life and he is finally convinced that it’s true. So he packs up all of his belongs and prepares to move to Egypt to finally see his son and to settle there because Pharaoh has promised him the best land.

But as he reaches the border of Canaan, he stops to pray and present a sacrifice to God. He wants to make sure that this is in God’s will. His heart is churning to see his son, but he stops and asks the Lord for confirmation.

It’s an amazing story, one that has much for us to learn from.

We are so looking forward to sharing this amazing story with you all.

So prayer at 9:30 and then we will worship the Lord and study His great and holy Word at 10.

Blessings and love to you all in the name of Jesus,

Pastor George